March 8, 2013

7 QUESTIONS: Devin Troy Strother

We asked Devin Troy Strother the following 7 questions because we think he's a good artist and we really wanted to hear his answers.  Richard Heller Gallery is currently showing new works by Devin in their booths at both Volta NY and The Armory Show.  You can see more of Devin's work here.  (Image above: Devin Troy Strother, Lamar Getting Out Of Tyrone's Pool (After Hockney's 'Peter Getting Out Of Nick's Pool')

1. What is your connection to Los Angeles?

i lost my virginity there, so it's pretty high on my list of special places.  plus it's always sunny and i like wearing shorty shorts, vans and a t-shirt when i'm awake, perfect place for that.

2. Name a living painter that you admire.

austin eddy, john wesley, rose wylie, and ella kruglyanskaya.

3. Name a dead painter that you admire.

my gramma, matisse, bill traylor, helen frankenthaler, philip guston.

Devin Troy Strother, Nigga I Ain't Playin Whi'chu

4. How much did you sell your first painting for?

i traded my first painting for a eighth of weed.  it was a collage of bob marley pictures i found in a calendar.

5. Of the paintings you have made, which is your favorite?

"we caught dat nigga slippen"

Devin Troy Strother, We Caught Dat Nigga Slippin, 2009, gouache, acrylic, cel vinyl and silkscreen on cut paper, 18.75 x 14.75 inches.

6. LACMA, MOCA, Getty, or Hammer?

museum of jurassic technology

7. Why make paintings?

because i can't rap and i'm really bad at sports.

Devin Troy Strother, Janeane Antoine

Work by Devin Troy Strother

Work by Devin Troy Strother

Thanks Devin.

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